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    3. International Queer Tango Festival

    This post is cross-posted at my blog A rough video by Birthe Havmøller: Soledad Nani & Ina Braterig performed at the Gala Milonga of the 3. International Queer Tango Festival in Berlin. The performance took place in the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Rough videos I attended the 3. International Queer Tango Festival in Berlin as the official home videomaker of the festival. See all my rough videos at my videostream. A rough video by Birthe Havmøller: Walter Perez & Leonardo Sardella performed at the opening milonga of the 3. International Queer Tango Festival in Berlin. [Part 2/2].

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    Aarhus – sculptures by the sea 2013

    Birthe Havmøller, June 2013 I went for a walk along the coast south of Aarhus and saw the exhibition, scultures by the sea 2013. These are some of my favourite sculptures. The names of the artists are unknown to me, as I did not buy a brochure.

  • Vermeer in Copenhagen
    Birthe Havmoellers fotografier

    Johannes Vermeer

    Johannes Vermeer in Copenhagen I have been looking for alfa images, to lead a new body of work to be, and recently I spotted Joh[annes Vermeer] and ‘the girl with the pearl earrings’ in Copenhagen. As in ‘Kilroy was here’ it looks as if the immortal Johannes was at the corner of Gothersgade and Kronprinsessegade in the center of Copenhagen and posted his tag ‘Joh’ and signature painting. The Dutch painter, art-dealer and inn-keeper Johannes Vermeer (born 1632) and his painting of “the Dutch Mona Lisa” has been turned immortal by the art world. Vermeer had been a respected artist in Delft, but at the time he painted his paintings…

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    Kystvejen 153, Ebeltoft, Denmark

    My parents’ place where the story of my life started March 26 1962. I lived by this beach for 21 years and have lots of happy childhood memories of playing on the beach. This is also where I first started collecting fossils.