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Aarhus – sculptures by the sea 2013

Birthe Havmøller, June 2013 I went for a walk along the coast south of Aarhus and saw the exhibition, scultures by the sea 2013. These are some of my favourite sculptures. The names of the artists are unknown to me, as I did not buy a brochure.

Kystvejen 153, Ebeltoft, Denmark

My parents’ place where the story of my life started March 26 1962. I lived by this beach for 21 years and have lots of happy childhood memories of playing on the beach. This is also where I first started collecting fossils.

+ Marks the Spot

+ Marks the Spot. Photo by Birthe Havmøller // Trøjborg, Aarhus, January 11, 2013.

January 2, 2013

Untitled photo by Birthe Havmøller // Risskov Strand, noon January 2, 2013 I just love the blue and green hues of this photo!  

January 1, 2013

Self portrait … untitled landscape by Birthe Havmøller // Trige